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Conventional home theater

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Going to the movies is currently becoming a complicated activity, tickets and snacks are very expensive, it is difficult to control the little ones, we are very tired, our schedule does not fit, among others.

That is why in aRRquitectos we have decided to help you create your own home theater in a conventional way and without investing large amounts of money in the attempt, so you can enjoy a good movie with your family from the comfort and tranquility of your home.

1. Let’s choose the space

Let’s choose an area of our house that adapts perfectly for the entertainment function, it can be: a family room, a bedroom, a terrace or balcony or other, which has a wall that is free of objects, the same without windows and preferably white. This wall will be the location of our movie screen.

2. Furniture

You can place a comfortable armchair, a mattress or bed, several chairs or a sheet with pillows on the floor. The important thing is to achieve a comfortable and pleasant environment for everyone.

3. Audio visual equipment

The best equipment for a home theater could be a projector, focused on the wall we chose, but not all of us have one of these at home and this type of equipment is generally expensive, so our recommendation is the always reliable TV.

If your TV is Smart and you will use your favorite online movie applications all you have to do is connect to the internet. If not to create the perfect environment you can add your video equipment either a DVD, VCR, USB or an HDMI cable connected to your computer and transmit your favorite movies without problems. You can also add a set of speakers which will enhance the audio of your theater.

4. Lighting

Being completely in the dark can damage your eyesight, so we recommend using dim lighting in your theater space. Place yellow light fixtures or garland lights, they will look nice and create the ideal ambiance.

With all these tips you will be able to set up the cinema you have always wanted at home, enjoy it with your family and don’t forget the popcorn. aRRquitectos helps you to create not only physical spaces but also spaces to create unforgettable moments.

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