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How to decorate a room, according to your space?

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In most homes and apartments we see small spaces connected to other environments, as in the case of the kitchen, living room and dining room; to make the most of the square meters available. For this reason we want to support you with ideas to decorate your living room depending on the type of space, so that it looks more spacious, modern and aesthetic.

1. Adequate proportions 

If the room is not very large we can not buy very large furniture, as we will subtract too much space to our room, it will be difficult to move in it and on the contrary to look good, it will look disproportionate versus the rest of the decor. For this example, this sofa should be a corner sofa but its function is to divide the kitchen from the living room, so it goes very well in this environment.

2. Functional furniture

When our living room is small, we have to find a way to have the right amount of furniture for us and the family or visitor but at the same time not clutter our living room with furniture that will not be used most of the time. So what is the solution? Use functional furniture that doubles as a coffee table and chairs, or that can be hidden under the coffee table, or that are modular.

3. Order above all

There is nothing worse than seeing cluttered environments. If your home is small and you have a bookshelf in the living room, don’t forget to put doors on them, as there is no worse sight than clutter or items that shouldn’t be out in the open.

4. Install your TV on the wall

An excellent idea to save space in your living room is to install your TV directly on the wall, plus it looks great. This way you will not take up extra space by placing it on a piece of furniture, and on the contrary you can take advantage of the low and high spaces to decorate and store items.

5. White?

There is definitely no better way to enlarge your spaces than using mostly white color and minimalist style to decorate. This color provides a lot of light and visual amplitude, being a favorite for small spaces.

6. Lighting

Lighting will always play a very important role in the environments, since it not only provides light, but also a feeling of spaciousness and even more so when it is natural. We invite you to read our article dedicated to lighting Here. On the other hand, artificial light is also important, because depending on where we place it, it dramatizes and highlights elements, walls or spaces.

7. Mirrors

A perfect ally to enlarge your small rooms is the mirror. A large mirror in the living room looks sensational, and for your guests it will look like an excellent decorative element and will give them the feeling that your living room measures many more square meters.

8. Natural decoration

Decorating with natural elements such as flowers and plants is very pleasant visually, it brings calm and tranquility to the environment, as well as health, color and life. You can place big or small pots, but make sure you have one in your living room!

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