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Wooden houses, trend or tradition?

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Wood is a renewable natural material, which has been used as a raw material for multiple applications since the existence of human beings. In architecture it is a material of great use due to its versatility, texture, colors, variety among others, which provides the perfect touch in any finish.

Currently, as human beings we try to make our impact on the world more respectful, so we seek to make our lifestyle more environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is there where wood becomes an option for the construction of homes, which integrate the traditional with a warm and pleasant atmosphere that only this material achieves.

Thanks to its versatility and variety, it can be used from the foundation to the roof, as a structural element or as a decorative detail. It can also be complemented with materials such as steel, glass and stone, achieving styles such as country, industrial and modern.

But before starting our wood construction project, it is important to take into account some technical aspects:

1. Pretreatment. It is important to know the previous treatment that the supplier has given to the wood that you will use for your project. In some cases you can also ask the supplier for a guarantee certificate detailing the whole process of drying, curing and seasoning of the wood to guarantee its durability and resistance to different climates and pests.

2. Thermal and acoustic insulation. Depending on the use you give to this material within the construction it is necessary to consider the placement of an insulator. For example, in the cases of very cold and humid climates it is advisable to consider the placement of insulation in the walls and roofs to maintain greater comfort in the interior of the spaces.

3. Construction time. Compared to a concrete construction, wood constructions can take less time to build, although you should always consider that this also depends on the experience of the builder and the size of the project.

4. Versatile material. This is one of the best characteristics of this material, thanks to its variety of presentations, it can be used in almost any type of architectural style, in any type of space and in any element of the work, whether structural or decorative.

5. Environmentally friendly. Nowadays wood is produced in a friendlier way, each supplier seeks to create its own producing forests trying to recover them according to the environmental policies of each country, so wood can be used thinking that the damage to the environment is less than in the past. Also in the constructions made with wood, the amount of waste produced as a result of the construction is less polluting than when using other types of artificial materials.

6. Durability. The durability of the wood in great part will be provided by the previous treatment that the same one has had, but also like any other type of material it will be necessary to consider to give periodic maintenance to it. In this case it is advisable to make a periodic evaluation by a technician of the current state of your project, in this way you will be able to advise what products you can use to improve the life of your home and that it is maintained as the first day.

Finally, do not forget that it is always important to receive the advice of an expert in the area, who will give you the best recommendations to take care of your investment in the long term. Remember that in aRRquitectos our team is always ready to help you.

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