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5 Iconic Buildings of Tegucigalpa


Tegucigalpa is the capital of the Republic of Honduras, C.A., founded in 1536. It is a city full of history and political and urban evolution. With approximately 1.5 million inhabitants, it has multiple housing settlements, commercial and business areas. Along with its history, its architecture has also evolved, preserving a variety of colonial, republican, modern and contemporary buildings.

Within this variety of architecture are many representative buildings for the capital that have become landmarks to give directions or as meeting points. That is why today we will share with you five of these iconic buildings of Tegucigalpa:


1. Edificio CICSA

This building was built in the 1980s, by the professional Francisco Rodriguez, is a sober building with the particularity that its south facade has a slope that makes it unique in the city. Another distinctive element of this architectural landmark is its exterior walls completely veneered in clay which gives it a terracotta tone that has served as a reference for years to give indications among the capital.

2. Hotel Honduras Maya

Hotel building built between 1968-1970, by professionals Mario Valenzuela and Luciano Durón. It was innovative because its façade has details of Mayan petroglyphs and pure geometric elements. It was a very recognized hotel since it has areas for diverse activities and great occupational capacity. Although it is no longer in operation, it is still a landmark for the architecture of our capital city.



3. Legislative Palace Building (National Congress)

Located in the Plaza La Merced, downtown Tegucigalpa, it dates from 1951, the professionals in charge of it were Mario Valenzuela and Rubén Clare Vega. It is one of the most representative buildings of the avant-garde architecture of the 50’s of the twentieth century. In this building is the session room, known as the hemicycle because of its particular shape. In its interior it has details of wood and stone of different types.


4. Midence Soto

It is located in front of the central park of Tegucigalpa, it was built in the 1980s. It is an office tower, one of the first to be developed in the city, which in its time was one of the most modern. Likewise, its first level has several commercial spaces. The most distinctive feature of this building is its facade which has a set of sunshades and grid elements that are embedded with the facade generating harmony with the combination of pastel colors distinctive of the buildings of the time.



5. Museum for the National Identity, former Palace of the Ministries

Located on Paseo Liquidámbar at the corner of Telégrafo, downtown Tegucigalpa. The building was originally built in 1883 by engineer Huerta, and was rebuilt in 1933 by Alejandro Arrigí and remodeled to its present location in 1995 by architect Dino Rietti.

This building of late neoclassical style, originally was a building intended to be the General Hospital of the Republic which after several years of use due to its structure gave way. with its reconstruction was used as the National Palace or Palace of the Ministries. Currently it houses the Museum of National Identity, where you can find representative tours of the history of our country and culture, as well as traveling presentations of different national artists.

We hope this blog has been to your liking and we invite you to visit our country and our cities and get to know their architectural and cultural richness with us. aRRquitectos.

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