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Office lighting

Retail and Offices

Lighting is an indispensable element to ensure that each space in a project fulfills the functions for which it was designed. Poor lighting can cause problems for users ranging from physical discomfort to visual health problems. The best lighting in a space is the one that manages to mix natural light (if possible) with artificial light creating comfortable and functional environments at every moment of the day.

Offices are spaces that need to have the right elements so that the activities inside them are as comfortable as possible and that users can be as efficient as possible without affecting their comfort. Lighting in offices is one of the main aspects to consider, too much or too little lighting can cause productivity problems, stress, fatigue, among others.

According to studies conducted by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), the most appropriate lumens levels for office spaces are:

  • General Areas:
    Corridors – 100lx
    Corridors – 50lx
    Restrooms – 100lx
    Common work areas:
    Reading – 500lx
    Writing – 300lx
    Libraries – 300lx
    Receptions – 100lx
    Computer use – 300lx

These required lumens levels in each space are important for the correct choice of luminaire and the quantity of luminaires to cover the illumination of a space. In these spaces it is preferable to use cool white luminaires (5,000K to 7,000K), this type of blue-white light allows greater productivity and attention, achieves greater sharpness and generates more lumens per watt than warm lights.

When designing the lighting design in an office we must consider three types of lighting: general light, directed or focused light and decorative light. The general light will provide uniform and direct illumination to the entire work area, the directed or focused light is concentrated in a space or user or area of reduced size and the decorative light is the one that will give aesthetic touches to the spaces.

General lighting is the most important in workspaces, it is essential that it is done by LED lamps either tubes or panels, which generate good lighting and are low energy consumption. This type of lighting can also be achieved through hidden details in the skies in cases where direct lighting is not necessary and a little more diffused light is required.

General lighting reduces shadows improving user visibility, allows furniture redistribution in spaces without causing lighting problems, but at the same time it is important that this type of lighting is combined with indirect or decorative lights to break the monotony.

Remember also to take advantage of every point of natural light in the workspaces, every window can be used to create clarity and spaciousness, in combination with artificial lights. Finally we recommend you to ask for advice from an expert in the area so you can get the most appropriate lighting for your office project, in most cases the technician will make a visit to your project and will tell you how many lights and what type are best for you.

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