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Reception area in the offices

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The reception is the letter of introduction of your office, business or corporation. How it is designed and who is in charge of it depends a great part of the image that your business wants to project to the people who receive it. That is why significant importance should be given to every detail in this area.

A client always expects the attention to be in accordance with their expectations, starting with the reception to the site and waiting for the service, so it is essential to exceed those expectations. When designing an office, the reception area and in general the whole customer service area should be one of the parts that will be given greater relevance, since this is where all people pass through, both business personnel and customers and suppliers; each of them must be able to perceive the image that the company wants to convey.

In order to achieve this goal, the designer must take into account each element that makes up the reception area, as well as the materials to be used and the finishes to be achieved. Below, we will list some aspects to take into account so that your reception area is the ideal one:

1. Location:

The reception desk should be placed in a strategic visual point, so that when entering the premises it is the first thing the user sees. In large areas it is advisable to place it in the center as an island.

2. Organization:

The reception space should always be kept organized and tidy, if the post will be occupied by more than one person, each member must know his place, the location of his personal things and of the packages and stationery to be received in it.

3. Furniture:

The furniture to be used at the reception should be designed for that purpose. As mentioned before, it should be attractive and elegant and at the same time functional so that the personnel in this area can carry out their activities without problems of comfort and space. This furniture must be accompanied with adequate and comfortable chairs. Also remember that the attention will be focused on the counter so it should reflect the image, colors and emblem of the company, so it is important to take the time to design it.

4. Theme or style:

Initially, the company’s activity and the message it wants to transmit must be studied, based on this, the style or theme that will prevail in the design must be chosen. For example: if the company is dedicated to providing financial services, the image it wants to transmit will be one of reliability, responsibility and seriousness, so we will use neutral colors and sober materials.

5. Illumination:

We must provide two types of lighting, general and focused. We must place general lighting throughout the reception area to create sufficient clarity and visibility of the entire space. We will use focused lighting to achieve visual focus in certain points such as: luminaires directed on the reception counter, indirect light on some elements inside the counter furniture and on the back wall to enhance decorative details.

6. Complementary areas:

The reception area should be complemented by a seating area for waiting. The furniture of this area should be combined with the design of the reception, it should have enough seats according to the activity of the business and such seats should be comfortable and pleasant. We recommend adding some plants and large decorative elements.

7. Logo and lettering:

to give the final touch to your reception area we recommend placing the logo, emblem or name of your company, it is not necessary to place everything at once, sometimes the reception space is small so we do not need to fill it with elements and one of them is enough.

We hope that with the above tips you can make the reception area of your office or business an unforgettable experience for your customers. Remember that the best option to achieve the perfect interior design is always to hire a professional with experience in the subject.

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