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Tips for designing and decorating your business premises

Retail and Offices

If you ever wondered how best to design and decorate a commercial space you should not miss this blog.

Here you will find tips to make your commercial space really attractive to current and future customers.

There are thousands of commercial spaces and a great variety of existing options, some places are so nice that they invite us to stay and come back again and again. Whether it is to eat a tasty dish (in the case of food stores) or to browse the shelves choosing what to take, they simply make us want to stay, stay and eat. This is not just a coincidence, but is due to a space that is very well organized and well designed and other elements that make customers want to come in and come back.

The most successful stores have each of their aspects thought about the customers, the merchandise and the way of displaying it, the graphics, the ambience, the room temperature, the music enjoyed by those who stay in that space. Each element is part of and completes the factors that add ‘value’ and make an ideal work.

The importance of good design

A good idea is to create a space that has a simple and intelligent design space, planning every aspect from the beginning. This conveys to customers a certain degree of consistency, a positive attitude that salespeople, garment labels, signage, campaigns, product organization, store décor, window displays, and all ancillary materials need to have. Each of these details will help define a message.

For the commercial space to be attractive and achieve its final objective, different aspects must be taken into account.


It will be necessary to project, specify and maintain a strong idea that is sustained over time and that there is a consistency that is seen in each element that makes up the space and generates that the brand has its own identity.

It is very important to create an environment where customers feel comfortable and want to return, common sense must be used and concepts must be maintained over time.


Let’s keep in mind that the store is a space where the customer will be in charge of living the shopping experience. The closer and cozier the place feels to the customer, the greater will be the degree of bonding that will be generated with the brand and the store itself.


We recommend you to have an integral project, which will go from architecture, decoration, labels and bags. From the general to the particular.

What to consider when decorating your commercial premises?

Commercial interior design plays with two arts: marketing and design. Although combining the two is always complex, it gives very good results. You only have to look at the big names in retail to get ideas.

What do you want to convey?

As we said, commercial interior design is a matter of design and, above all, marketing. For this reason, transmitting the idea we mentioned before and a corporate identity must be one of your objectives.

That your store communicates what you intend is one of the biggest current trends in decoration of commercial premises. Gone are the stores that, no matter what they sold, were all the same. You have to look for a distinctive, different and fresh brand image.

Do I need an architect?

The construction, preparation and decoration of a commercial space requires the work of several types of companies and professionals. It requires the intervention of experts in commercial architecture and commercial design, two disciplines with many factors in common, but also several differences that we will detail below.

Architecture applied to commercial spaces is not only in charge of building, designing and assigning the layout to a physical space. It is also in charge of supervising all types of works related to its construction and renovation. As for commercial design, it is the discipline in charge of the decoration of spaces, once the commercial architecture process has been completed.

One of the objectives of these disciplines is that customers form an image of the brand when they enter the space.

So if you have a local or business store and you need to remodel or give it a fresh touch and that is in line with your brand you know who to call. In Arrquitectos we have the necessary experience to give you integral solutions in design, remodeling or construction of commercial premises.

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