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Architectural Design


We analyze your needs, study the available space, important details and key factors to create the perfect design for you.

Nowadays, architectural design must satisfy the needs of living spaces for human beings, both aesthetically and technologically.

Please schedule an appointment with us and let us help you.

Work methodologies

  • Measurement
  • Conceptualization
  • Digitization
  • Visualization
  • Coordination
  • Presentation
  • Planning phase
  • Construction process
  • Presentation
  • Budget analysis
  • Cost estimate
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Achieving sustainability and profitability
  • Operation and management of facilities
  • Easy and efficient maintenance
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Architectural design process


Research phase, during this step we will conduct the necessary site visits, meeting(s) with you to gather and understand your needs and expectations about the project, we will also do the research about the applicable regulations, standards and others.

Preliminary project

In the preliminary design phase, our architectural team will generate a proposed layout and 3D photorealistic views which we will present to you for your comments and/or observations. Please take some time at this point to clarify any doubts regarding distributions, dimensions and heights. If there is any detail that is not to your satisfaction this is the ideal time to make changes, once the draft is to your satisfaction and we have your approval we will proceed to the project stage.


Project phase: at this time we will proceed to make the necessary plans for the construction of the work, we will make a distribution proposal for lighting and electrical installations, which we will present for your approval (the calculation of these facilities will be made by a professional Electrical Engineer), we will also make the design of the plumbing installations (by our civil team) and the design of other special facilities as appropriate (by our specialist in the field) If you have any questions about each of these facilities may be evacuated during this stage.

This stage considers the elaboration of the details, cuts and sections of the project necessary to explain all the finishes and constructive systems to be used in the work. If your project includes special installations such as air conditioning, data, telephone, or other special systems, we will provide you with the necessary information.

Others will also be elaborated in this one and will be carried out by each of our specialists in the field.

Project cost

Project cost phase; Once the necessary technical and professional information has been generated, the budget and work plan (if requested) will be prepared in detail and segmented by type, so that you can identify the cost and execution time of each activity.

Project delivery

Finally, the delivery will be concluded once we present and deliver to you a set of digital and printed plans. If you wish, you can also request the calculation memories signed and sealed by each specialist (this will have a symbolic cost).

What does the service include ?

Interior design

Quality assurance

Professional advice

Continuous communication

Specialized calculations and designs for each area of work.

Unique design

Maximum space utilization

Service supported under contract document

Additional Services


Management / Supervision


Our custom architectural design service creates a project tailored to your needs; analyzing the information gathered, we study the available space, important details and key factors to create the perfect design for you.

It is the process of planning and creating buildings and public spaces with a focus on function, aesthetics and sustainability. It involves the combination of various elements such as structure, style, form, light, color and materials to create a space that meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client..

Its importance lies in creating spaces that are functional, attractive and safe. Good architectural design can maximize the use of space, improve energy efficiency and reduce construction and maintenance costs. In addition, it can influence how people interact and relate to public spaces, which in turn can have a positive impact on the quality of life for individuals and the community at large.

Time is directly related to the size and complexity of the project, however, an average project around 100m² and based on the four phases of the design stage, can take between 4 to 6 weeks.

All our projects count on the energy and knowledge of our team of architects for the generation of the design stage of the project, additionally and according to the needs of the work, architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, sanitary engineers, mechanical engineers, network and safety specialists, among others, are involved.

Unfortunately no, our designs are personalized, original and unique; we do not generate designs for mass production, we will gladly make a project to suit your needs.

Yes, the design stage involves the effort, time and resources of our work team, therefore all design and consulting services represent an economic investment.

Of course! A custom design optimizes the use of space, allows maximum use of natural light and ventilation, adequate heights, foresees (if necessary) the projection of orderly growth, and considers that the project reflects your personality and style. All of the above will generate a more efficient project, which will increase the value of the project and provide more comfort to its users.

You can contact us or schedule an appointment (virtual or in person) to discuss your project, with the information provided (we suggest you tell us about expansion plans or civil works in phases, in order to better understand your objectives) we will generate an economic offer which you will receive within 48 hours approximately.

Once the offer is approved, we will sign a contract document to start the project. We suggest you review the section How long does the design stage take?

All our design services start once the contract is signed and the advance payment presented in the economic offer approved by the client is received; from that moment on you will receive the project distribution proposal.

See question How can I start the design stage with the arrquitectos team?

Since each project is customized, the value is determined by factors such as the area of the project, the specialized professionals required to carry out the project, delivery time, among others.

See question How can I start the design stage with the arrquitectos team?

We always appreciate your trust, however, we want to be guarantors of healthy and fair professional competition, therefore, prior to the start of the contracting of our services, in this particular case, we will request a written note from the professional or representative of the company in charge of the original design, in which you must express the break of your contractual relationship, confirm that you as the client is the sole intellectual owner of the design and authorize the freedom to modify and update the design at the discretion of the owner.

Yes, by hiring the design services of arrquitectos you become the owner and owner of the products generated from such contracting. Our team will only retain the authorship of the product. Imagine it similar to buying a painting, you become the owner, but the painter remains the author of the work.

In our deliverables delivery, you will get the editable project design files (in CAD and/or Revit formats, as requested) PDF files and a set of printed drawings (signed and sealed).

Depending on the complementary services you contract with Arrquitectos, you may also receive as deliverables: detailed budget document, additional printed copies of the design, printouts with professional stamps, certificates from the professionals, specialty calculation memories or others.

Our firm attends to different types of projects: Institutional Architecture: Office projects and work areas for public and/or private companies. Commercial architecture: Commercial buildings, commercial buildings, commercial kiosks, spaces for trade of goods or services in different areas. Residential architecture: Single-family or multi-family housing buildings. Hospital architecture: Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, health centers and others. Educational architecture: Educational complexes and teaching spaces, both intellectual (classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories) and physical (courts, swimming pools, sports centers, etc.). Recreational architecture: Spaces for recreation and/or entertainment. Urban architecture: Urban developments, subdivisions, urban spaces and others.

All members of our staff will make available to you their full knowledge, resources and time to support you with your project. It will be developed in three stages as detailed below:

Pre-project phase: Once the contract is signed and the advance payment is received, based on the information gathered in the meetings with the client and visits to the project site, our architectural team will generate a layout proposal and 3D photorealistic views which we will present to you for review and observations. We will dedicate time to clarify all your doubts and make the changes you request; once the preliminary project is satisfactory and we have your approval, we will proceed to the technical and construction drawings phase.

Technical phase: In this stage the necessary plans for the construction of the work are elaborated. It considers the elaboration of plans of cuts and sections of the project, where all the finishes and constructive systems to be used in the work are detailed. The distribution proposal for light fixtures and electrical installations is made, which we will present for your approval. At the same time, we will develop the design of the sanitary installations and the design of other special installations requested (air conditioning, data, telephony or others), each one of these with the support of specialized professionals.

Delivery phase: At this time you will receive all the technical documents, both physical and digital, product of the contracted services.

See the question What will I receive at the end of the design phase?

Our team of professionals is highly qualified and certified in each of their areas of work, keeping themselves in continuous training to provide quality services to ensure that your projects are adapted to the needs of users and global changes.

Each aRRquitectos professional has a minimum of 12 years of experience in design, construction and project management. Likewise, our digitizers are trained and evaluated to ensure the necessary skills in the use of resources and equipment with the latest computer aided design and 3D modeling software.

We strive to include sustainability and energy efficiency measures that minimize environmental impact and reduce long-term energy costs. One of our commitments is to create healthy and efficient spaces for our customers. Some of the measures we consider are: Bioclimatic design: we consider factors such as solar orientation, natural ventilation, use of shading and natural lighting to maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Sustainable building materials: the use of sustainable and low environmental impact building materials are considered in the design. Design of efficient HVAC systems: We design efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems that reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Water management: We implement efficient water management systems, such as rainwater harvesting systems, gray water reuse systems for irrigation, among others, to reduce water consumption and minimize the impact on the environment.

We ensure that we comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements at every stage of the project. We do this as follows:

Prior research and analysis: we research and review all applicable local, departmental and national rules and regulations to ensure that we comply with all necessary requirements.

Consultation with experts: in special cases we orient ourselves with the support of lawyers, specialized engineers or competent institutions, to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Design and planning: At the design stage we review compliance with building codes, zoning regulations and environmental protection laws.

Inspections and approvals: During the building permit management phase, we work in collaboration with inspectors and regulatory agencies, until all approvals are obtained to allow for a smooth execution.

In each phase of our projects, we make sure to maintain a fluid and constant communication with our clients, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and the efficient execution of the project. This communication is developed as follows:

Initial meetings: Before starting the project, we meet with the client to learn about their needs, objectives, budget and deadlines. Here we establish a line of communication and discuss how the architectural design team and the client will communicate throughout the project.

Site Visits: We conduct site visits with the client to evaluate the terrain and important elements; discuss any issues or challenges to consider.

Periodic presentations and reviews: During the project, we make periodic presentations to the client to show the progress of the design and get feedback and suggestions from the client. These presentations allow us to tailor the design to the client's specific needs and ensure that the project is progressing according to the client's expectations.

Email and telephone communications: We maintain constant communication with the client via email and telephone. This allows us to respond quickly to any questions or concerns from the client and keep the client informed on the progress of the project.

Final meetings: At the end of the project, we meet with the client to review the final design and discuss any necessary changes or adjustments.

In addition, we provide all necessary documentation to the client and ensure that they are satisfied with the product.

Among our post-design services we have: management service, supervision service and construction service. If it is necessary to socialize the project to external executing teams, we can generate a personalized offer. When contracting our design services you have three weeks after the delivery of the design, with the availability of our professionals to answer any questions or queries.