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We know that there are projects so big that they need extra support, our highly qualified team, experience in organization, planning and ability to generate synergies, will be your best ally.

Please schedule an appointment with us and let us help you.

For whom is the service intended?

Architectural firms and construction companies

Whether your firm needs support in a specific stage of the project or outsourcing the entire design service, we are ready to support you. All virtually and with the highest quality standards.

Projects in Honduras

If your firm is located abroad and you are about to carry out a project within the Honduran territory, arrquitectos is your best option in knowledge, experience and security.

We will respect your workflows and methodologies, whether you need your project in BIM or traditional CAD plus 3D visualizations, we are ready to support you.

Projects abroad

We are ready to support you in your project, our team is kept in training and continuous improvement, we respect and understand the need to meet local requirements and timelines of each project.

We know the United StateNational CAD Standard (NCS), we will work in the requested unit of measure, we will respect your workflows and work methodologies, whether you need your project in BIM or traditional CAD plus 3D visualizations.

Additional Services

Architectural design


Management / Supervision

Frequently asked questions

It is a term used to refer to the process of outsourcing services or business processes to specialized third parties, in other words, it is when a company hires another company or external professionals to perform a specific task on its behalf.

The main objective of outsourcing is to allow the company to concentrate on its core activities or execute a project in less time, while the outsourced services are performed by experts in the field, with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is a very common practice today, and is used in a variety of industries and business areas.

As a company, hiring an outsourcing service provided by the arrquitectos team can provide several benefits. Some of the main ones are:

Cost reduction: By outsourcing the architectural service, fixed costs associated with hiring full-time employees, such as salaries, benefits and resources, are eliminated.

Increased efficiency: The contractor can leverage its experience and expertise to develop projects faster and more efficiently.

Flexibility: Outsourcing architectural services allows the firm to quickly scale its design and construction capabilities without having to invest in additional resources.

Focus on core business: By leaving architecture in the hands of experts, the company can focus on its core business and long-term strategy without having to worry about design and construction tasks.

Improved quality: By having a team of highly trained and experienced architects, the firm can ensure the quality of its projects, which in turn can enhance its reputation and its ability to win new clients.

The process to contract the outsourcing service varies according to the type of service to be outsourced, but generally has the following steps:

Identification of the need: The first thing the company must do is to identify which services or processes it wishes to outsource.

Negotiation of the scope of the contract: The scope of the service, deadlines, prices and any other relevant terms must be established.

Service implementation: Once the contract has been signed and the advance payment made, arrquitectos will begin to implement the service. This may involve hiring and training personnel, implementing systems and processes, and managing the transition of the service from the company to the provider.

Monitoring and management of the service: After the implementation of the service, it is important to maintain constant and fluid communication that allows the client to know that the expected value is being obtained.

Delivery and closure: Once the time and execution of the project is completed, arrquitectos will deliver all the contracted product, templates, editable files, reports and photographs (requested by the client).

You will be able to learn more about our team and work experience through our company profile and project portfolio, which will ensure that we are the right company for your needs. We will present to you the options and work software, as well as standardization parameters for deliverables.

In addition, your project will have a professional in chief who will be dedicated to manage and plan feasible deadlines for product delivery, as well as follow-up meetings, progress review and permanent communication channels with you. In this way we will guarantee that the contracted services comply with the requested parameters and the expected quality.

Our architectural design team is highly professional and qualified. We have architects with a minimum of 12 years of experience in design, construction, as well as project management. Our professionals are highly trained in the use of the latest design technologies, such as 3D modeling and computer aided design.

Since our inception in 2011, we have worked on a wide range of architectural design projects, of various typologies and complexity. Our experience and training have been accumulated over the years, which has allowed us to continuously improve our services and provide innovative architectural design solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

As each project presents different characteristics and challenges, our team will analyze all the aspects to be considered, the professionals that will be necessary to elaborate the requested products, requested delivery times and other points requested by the client on the basis of which arrquitectos will present a personalized economic offer.

This will depend directly proportional to the complexity and scope of the service, it is suggested to the client to indicate the time available in the initial meeting and thus confirm that it is possible to support him within his line of planning.

The communication between the client and the team of arrquitectos is fundamental to guarantee the client's satisfaction and the success of the project, for this reason, we make sure to maintain a fluid and constant communication with our clients in each phase of the project. Below, we explain how we communicate between the client and the architectural design team during the project:

Initial meetings: before starting the project, we meet with the client to learn about their needs, objectives, budget and timelines. We identify responsibilities, define deliverables and assign the person in charge of communication for both parties.

Site visits: We make one or several site visits (at the client's request) to evaluate the terrain and important elements; discuss any problems or challenges to be taken into account.

Periodic presentations: During the project, we conduct periodic presentations to inform design progress and obtain feedback. These presentations allow us to tailor the design to the client's specific needs and ensure that the project is progressing according to the client's expectations.

Email and phone communications: We maintain communication via email and follow-up group chat. This allows us to respond quickly to any questions or concerns from the client and keep them informed on the progress of the project.

Final meetings: At the end of the project, a meeting is held with the client to deliver the contracted products, reviewing any changes or adjustments that may be necessary.

In addition, we deliver all necessary digital support to ensure customer satisfaction.

As part of the clauses of our private service contract, a confidentiality commitment is included, which is signed by both parties, detailing that the information shared by your company, the conditions of the project and the contracting of our services will not be disseminated or shared by any means or by any person of our team, being kept confidentially in our files for a period of 5 years, to be subsequently permanently deleted from our records. This commitment will have the pertinent legal value as a guarantee and security of your company.