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Management | Supervision


Count on us for your project! We start from the feasibility analysis and move forward to the achievement of your goal.

Please schedule an appointment with us and let us help you.

What can we do in this service?

Construction approval

We carry out the construction approval process before the corresponding municipal mayor’s office.

National representation

In case of a design and/or construction outsourcing service, we will represent your company in Honduras, if necessary.

Pre-feasibility study

Project feasibility analysis, prior to design and/or construction.

Bidding conditions

Preparation of bases for public or private bidding processes.

Project supervision

Integral supervision of the project, from architecture to installations and structure. In the case of projects where there is supervision by specialty, the service can be provided only for the architectural area.

What does the service include ?

Professional advice

Continuous communication

Procedure based on law

Service supported under contract document

Action and work plan

Delivery of physical folder with all process and final documents.

Additional Services

Architectural design



Frequently asked questions

In accordance with our professional ethics policy, arrquitectos will not be responsible for, endorse or sign technical documents prepared by outside and/or external professionals or that have not been reviewed or offered by our company under the corresponding contractual conditions.

We regret to inform you that we do not provide this service. However, we can provide you with advice for the acquisition of a property or land for your project, this service will have an investment value proportional to the scope of the assistance. For further information please contact us.

We can only assist you with this service in cases where arrquitectos is in charge of the design, construction or both stages of your project. In addition, you should take into account the following aspects:

The value of the service varies according to the scope and complexity of the project for which the management will be carried out.

The time required to obtain the construction permit depends on the management time of each institution involved.

If one of the stages of the project (design or construction) will not be under the responsibility of our company, the client must provide the contacts or means of communication of the responsible professionals, who will have the previous commitment to provide or comply with the necessary requirements to obtain the license.

Our team will not sign on behalf or substitution of another external professional.

See the question Can I ask arrquitectos to sign plans or sign responsibility for the management of construction licenses?

Yes, each permit has small variants of applications in which the owner or the owner's legal representative must personally process the application.

Each municipal office in Honduras has its own list of requirements, however, you must comply with at least:

  • Be full owner of the lot or otherwise have a promise of purchase/sale document where you will be building.
  • Be up to date with personal and property municipal taxes.
    Possess the set of plans (digital and physical) of the project to be carried out; with signature, seal and stamp of the responsible professionals.
  • To have a construction budget.

Our main objective in this service is to prevent errors, reinforce knowledge and guarantee the quality of your work. Arrquitectos will assign the necessary professionals to supervise each stage and process.

  • The supervision of the work will be done periodically, it can be monthly, biweekly or weekly; additional visits will be made at important moments of the project, such as foundries, inspections prior to important closures, hidden or covered by earth.
  • For each periodic visit a descriptive and photographic report of the expected vs. obtained progress will be made; in addition to recommendations, alerts, approvals, changes and rejections.
  • The supervision time will be equal to the construction time or the time requested by the client. See section I can request the service for a short stage of the project.

Yes, it is possible, however, this reduces the ability to identify faults, hidden defects, errors and proper monitoring of the execution.

Arrquitectos will not be responsible for previous or subsequent events that may alter the supervised work, being this modality more a punctual consultancy service than the follow-up that a supervision entails.

Ideally, the service should start prior to the construction stage in order to gather information prior to intervening in the site and analyze the design, budget and planning documentation.

Fluid and constant communication, before and during the work, between client, construction company and supervision team.

Plan and link work execution milestones with supervision.

In order to guarantee an adequate service, arrquitectos reserves the right to provide the supervision service in cases where the work is being executed by labor without the coordination of a professional.

The supervision service assumes the understanding between professional(s) in broad knowledge of the times, processes and responsibilities, as well as in compliance with guarantees. If you do not have a construction company, our firm can provide the construction service.

The visit will last as long as necessary for the correct inspection, the necessary meeting(s) to be held and the time required for the collection of information and photographic survey.

It is ideal that the construction company always has a responsible professional who will accompany the supervisor during the inspection; for this purpose, the appointment will be planned and coordinated so as not to hinder the agendas of the different professionals involved (except for forced or urgent visits, where emergency calls are made).

The client or a representative (with decision-making power) must be present during the visit in those cases where the supervisor or executor deems it appropriate.