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3 Ideas to give your kitchen a new look

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We want to share with you how to give a new look to your kitchen with these simple steps.

1. Take advantage of the walls

A very simple and economical idea is to attach hooks to the wall. You can take advantage of a wall that is clear to put several and hang pots, or under a piece of furniture for utensils or other smaller objects.

Another alternative are shelves. You can get some industrial style, metal grids, which would look great with fruit or recipe books.

Pay attention to what you are going to hang as it will be visible. Make sure they are objects that go with the look, style and color palette of your kitchen. The idea is to give a twist to the design in a careful and cool way, not to fill it with things just for the sake of it.

2. Eliminates doors

A risky idea that won’t cost you any money is to remove the doors of one or all the cabinets in your kitchen. Leaving the shelves uncovered is very fashionable, however, you must be careful with order and cleanliness.

Start with the cabinet that is the most organized or has the nicest dishes to show off. Test how it goes and then analyze if you can replicate it in all of them.

3. Decorate the counters

We often forget about kitchen counters. We think they are only there to cut vegetables or serve dishes.

Take advantage of them in another way, adding some decorations such as a tray with the most beautiful utensils or jars with spices, a basket with books, colorful bottles with flowers or even aromatic candles to help control odors.

Adapt to the space you have, it is not about covering them completely, but to give them a special and personalized touch.

Choose materials that go well in the kitchen, such as wood, marble, wicker or fabrics like cotton and linen.

Now that we are spending more time at home is the right time to take some or all of these ideas and give a new face to our beloved kitchen.

What other ideas can you come up with to have the perfect kitchen?

I’ll read your comments below.

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