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How to set up a home office?

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Times have changed and today after the pandemic of Covid-19 know how to make a small home office and work from home will help us to reconcile work and family, save us time and money in travel and will be a great solution if we have decided to work on our own in any business of our own, or if we are requested to do our work remotely at home.

But setting up a home office requires a series of conditions that will affect both our production at work and the necessary disconnection from it when our workday is over, so today we bring you ideas that can help you create that ideal workspace without leaving your home.

In order to make a home office we need to make a quite rigorous initial approach in which we will make the most important decisions and that later will mark the result of our work, our comfort and our productivity.

As for the decisions to be made about our home office we have to assess where to place it, what position is better or worse, what desk to work is more appropriate and what other type of furniture we need according to our activity among many other things that we will see later. We must never forget that we are going to take the step of combining work with home and family and that requires taking it with the necessary serenity, responsibility and meditation.

It does not matter how much space you have to dedicate to the work space in your home, because you will soon see that there are many options. Even in the most unexpected places you can place your desk and create a beautiful office.

Where to place a home office?

The issue of where should I place the work desk and other furniture of our mini home office, is sometimes the simplest of all, because in many cases will not depend on our desires, if not, the space we have available in our home.

We would all like to have an empty and independent room to set up our home office, but that is not usual in today’s homes and families and therefore we will list the best possible conditions for the placement of our home office within our possibilities.

Although if it were necessary we could stay with any place of the house, the ideal is to find the place where more tranquility we have and less distractions we suffer.

We will have to bear in mind, that where we place our work table it will need to have near sockets as much as the connection to Internet, although these two matters we could solve them with some extenders that provide electricity and Internet to us until the point of homemade work.

Natural Lighting

Lighting will be one of the important factors in determining how to make a small home office, influencing very directly on our mood, productivity and greater or lesser fatigue.

Although we will keep a lamp to have on our desk, it is important to try to place the desk next to a window so that we can take advantage of as much natural light as possible that is so beneficial from the psychological point of view, as from the point of view of saving on artificial light.

But we must take into account the possible distractions of our work that can cause having a very nice view or a great outdoor life and activity that call our attention every moment. Therefore it would be a good idea to place curtains that let in all the light, but we visually isolate our home office from possible outside distractions and we can run from time to time to take a little break.

It is therefore clear, where I should place the desk of my mini home office. In the quietest place and if possible next to a window that gives us natural light as many hours as possible, thus resolving the first question as to how to make your own home office.

Although it is clear that we must make the most of natural light, since it will make our eyes less tired, favoring our productivity and comfort, this is not always possible depending on the time of day when we get to work. For this reason it will be necessary to have a desk lamp that provides us with the adequate light to perform our tasks, having to place it to one side or another to avoid shadows on the work area that hinder the correct visibility to perform our work.


For many good ideas to set up a home office that we have and as much as we want to place the most beautiful and spacious furniture that exists, this will be conditioned by the available space we have in our home.

However there are a series of basic furniture to create a practical and versatile work station at home, although we must adapt the measures of these furniture and accessories to the available space and they are the following ones.

The work table. It is obvious that our mini office at home will require a work table with the appropriate measures to be comfortable, such as about 75 cm of height to be able to rest the arms comfortably during the long hours of work, which will surely be in front of a computer, being both the width and the depth to the measures of the available space.

Bookshelf or bookcase. Regardless of whether or not the desk of our mini home office has shelves included and provided that space permits, it is interesting to have a shelf or bookcase with several height-adjustable shelves for the placement of file cabinets, folders, catalogs and all the paperwork related to our activity, thus maintaining an order so beneficial to work.

Chair. There are many hours that we will spend sitting in front of our computer at the work table and so that we can endure it comfortably and our work performance does not suffer, we must have a comfortable seat that makes the hours much more bearable, since the discomfort and the physical fatigue affect the psychological fatigue and this to our capacity to work at full performance.

The color

No matter how small is the corner where we decide to put our home office, we should pay special attention to the colors of both walls and furniture to create a calm and relaxed environment that favors the work.

Being a place of small size and need especially interior tranquility to perform our tasks the most appropriate would be to go for light colors in pastel shades or similar to bring to our home office a halo of tranquility and calm that invites work and imagination, and may incorporate a small decorative element with a stronger and more powerful color to give a touch of joy.

The choice of office furniture in light colors or pastel shades will give a feeling of more space and brightness, will prepare us psychologically for tranquility and being more comfortable we will develop our activity with more optimism and desire.

So now you are more than ready to create that workspace at home. But if you need advice when choosing your best space, colors or furniture do not hesitate to call us at (+504) 9515 4013 and our experts will gladly guide you in the process of giving life to your new home office.

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