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What should you know about fireplaces?

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Fireplaces are architectural elements that serve either heating or decorative functions within a space. They have frames or upper shelves that serve as a complement. Currently you can find in the market a wide variety of options, types and sizes of these.

For all these reasons we can say that fireplaces are very interesting and functional elements, but it is important to know a little more about them before venturing to place one in our house:

1. Wood-burning fireplaces: This is the type of fireplace is the most recognized and oldest design, it uses wood for combustion. architecturally they are very attractive and can be built with various refractory materials such as brick and stone making them points of attraction. However, they must be integrated into the structure of the building due to their large size, which makes them costly. Periodic maintenance is also necessary due to the residues of firewood and soot, which can cause obstructions and smoke backflow.

2. Gas fireplaces: They operate on gas, preferably by means of gas supply network. Gas fireplaces allow flame regulation and do not require fuel storage. Some models of these fireplaces do not require an exhaust duct to the sky, they can be located on a wall that connects to the outside and placed direct connection to the outside of the space. Extreme care should be taken in their handling and checks should be made to avoid gas leaks.

3. Ecological fireplace: they can be conventional or modern style fireplaces, but instead of using wood or gas, they use materials based on recycled products such as pellets or biomass, which are materials manufactured from sawdust, wood chips or waste that may be flammable. Their CO2 emissions are lower than natural wood, making them a sustainable option. It should be taken into account that their size is small and their installation requires specialized labor.

4. Bioethanol fireplace. They work with a liquid known as bioethanol, which is ecological, which burns and emanates heat to the room in which it is located without emanating smoke. They are easy to install, do not require ducts, are modern in style and can even be installed in furniture. They are ideal for places with very low temperatures due to their fast heat generation, they do not leave residues and they are safe to use. On the other hand, they are somewhat expensive, their heating capacity is limited to a single space and they generate intense odor due to the bioethanol.

Now that you know the options available to you, here are a few more tips to take into account for the right choice:

Take into account that the fireplace must be of the size and power needed to cover the space based on its m², the number of doors and windows, the insulation, the building materials, among others.

Check the supplier’s specifications and make sure that the installation is carried out by a technician specialized in the area, who can verify its correct operation and provide you with a long-term guarantee.

Keep in mind that when you have a fireplace you will also have additional expenses such as maintenance, gas supply, purchase of firewood, cleaning materials, accessories, spare parts or others.

Finally, always consult a professional, he will indicate the most suitable option for your project in terms of function and budget.

We cannot deny that fireplaces bring warmth and comfort to spaces, as well as great attractiveness and elegance, but do not forget that you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them before acquiring one.

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