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5 tips to optimize a small patio

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It is time to talk a little about the part of the home that gives us contact with nature, perfect for relaxing after our work routine or a hard day at school: the patio, with all the benefits that a garden can provide but with the extra of having a solid floor to place furniture, decoration and walls around it that delimit it and make it a perfectly defined place and ready to be enjoyed to the fullest.

If your garden is large then you have the freedom to place in it whatever you like without problems that could produce saturation, but if it is small, do not worry, there are also ways to get the most out of it, just in this blog we share some of them.

1. Delimits the areas

Patios are much smaller spaces than gardens, which are commonly delimited by a well-done floor that at the same time differentiates them from the garden, since both areas are external. In this way, rather than being places that merge, they complement each other as if the garden embraced the patio with its vegetation.

Now that we have detected the difference between these areas, we can begin to get creative with their decoration, for example, creating a contrast with the green vegetation of the garden through a tonal clarity that permeates the entire dimension of the patio.

2. Beautiful, practical and stylish furniture

How important is a good outdoor furniture for our patio, and by good we do not mean a plastic table with four or five chairs that allow us to sit and chat or eat. The furniture you choose also has to be attractive, to fit perfectly with the environment, with the decoration of the interior of our house and of course, to be functional. In short, it must allow us to enjoy the space to the maximum.

3. Strategically arrange vegetation

Being an outdoor area, the presence of plants is essential, even more so if they have a lot of creativity, so we suggest you go a step beyond the conventional and bet on planters with original shapes.

4. Artificial light creates a cozy ambiance and adds personality

A patio that is a favorite in the home is used at all times in the months, depending on whether it is a partially or fully enclosed space, but that means being fully aware that we will not always have all the natural light that we would like to illuminate this corner of our home and that is where artificial light enters our salvation.

And it is that we a secret, light in outdoor spaces is often often the great forgotten, we believe that natural light is enough and it is not. Apart from being vital to go out and take advantage of it at night, it is also a decorative element.

5. Functional decoration

Finally, we must not forget the decoration, which ranges from small figurines to majestic fountains, all looking as natural as possible to blend in with the environment.

How big is your patio, how do you make the most of it?

Leave us your comments.

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