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6 reasons why to hire an architect for the design of your home

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There are many decisions to be made in the life of a residential project. From determining the appropriate square footage for a new space to considering electrical needs, installations and surfing the web for ideas or customizing a design, there are countless tasks that will need to be addressed.

So why hire an architect?

At Arrquitectos we want to explain why an architect will help make any upcoming residential project an enjoyable process and save you some expenses. Here are the top 6 reasons to hire an architect for your residential project.

1. Adequacy of the construction on a site

The land is ready. The dreams are clear. Now, how do you make your dream project fit perfectly? Architects can tie the structure to the site.

We design an experience and part of the experience is the environment surrounding your dream space. We know all about how to design a structure that reflects your dream and also functions efficiently in the given space, providing the best use for entry/exit, parking, power, utilities, landscape and all the other factors that most people wouldn’t want to consider.

2. Lower expenses

In addition to fitting the building into the site provided, architects work to position and manage the project and keep expenses within budget. That includes strategic planning of utility costs for the present and for years to come. For example, with every square foot the building increases, the cost increases. If we can find ways to be creative with spaces and design for flexibility, then we can reduce those square footage and, in turn, reduce expenses and put that cash back in your pocket.

Moving your structure a few degrees here, or adding or removing a window there, could save you thousands of lempiras over the life of the building in utility and maintenance costs. We can optimize each of these critical design elements.

The architect’s goal should always be to provide an energy efficient design. Our goal is to add significant value to your project by providing an energy efficient design without adding cost.

3. Designed for your needs and lifestyle

A client usually has a detailed idea of what they think they need in a residential design.

  • Examples
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Topics
  • Desires

It is the architect’s job to listen to your story and understand what each project space is intended for. This allows the architect to formulate designs and plans that accurately and successfully represent your vision combined with a suggested layout for best use.

4. You can know what you are getting before you build.

Using the latest technologies, arrquitectos can help you experience your project before spending a lot of money to make unforeseen changes. With an architect’s knowledge and experience, these changes can be made on paper before costly mistakes are made to the structure.

Clients will experience the progress of the design in:

  • Virtual reality
  • 3D drawings
  • Interactive designs

The architect’s role is to elaborate your vision into a customized plan that you can visualize before you even buy the first material.

5. Creative use of materials

It is not the architect’s job to choose expensive materials, but to attribute value to the materials that are chosen. When designing your project, an architect will lead the discussion on the use of materials.

Taking an existing building or supplies and using them to design a structure, restoring a family heirloom that helps create memories in a new space, consideration of green options for appliances, lighting features and energy efficient structural designs.

6. Coordination in the construction stage

An architect will work with your team to help you avoid delays in construction or remodeling.

While working with the construction team, architects seek to be adaptable, committed and proactive with the clients’ best interest at heart. The architect is in charge of the budget and its proper use. In payment and administration of the budget from the beginning of the work to the delivery of the same.

So now you know, these are just some of the benefits of hiring an architect in your project, either in the design or construction process. If you have more questions or want to know all the benefits of our services you can make an appointment with us.

It will be a pleasure to meet you and listen to your ideas and dreams.

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