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Advantages of using aluminum windows and doors in the home

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Undoubtedly, aluminum is one of the most appreciated metals by different types of industries (construction, mining, lighting), due to its low density and excellent resistance to corrosion.

It is a very white material in its pure state, but with the use of the right alloys it has a resistance similar to that of steel, which is why it is not surprising to see how in the last 50 years it has become one of the most demanded metals in the world.

Aluminum is used for more and more purposes, and the best proof of this can be seen in homes, where it is common to find windows, doors or roofs made of this material.

Windows and doors made of aluminum offer a number of very beneficial advantages, especially when compared to windows and doors made of other more traditional materials such as wood, iron, steel or PVC.

For this reason, we will now analyze the main types of aluminum windows and doors on the market and the advantages they offer to users.

Main types of aluminum windows and doors

For some years now, many companies specializing in the manufacture of doors and windows for all types of homes and offices have opted to use aluminum in their products.

For example, one of the most popular trends is that of casement windows, which combine architecture, functionality and energy savings.

Within this type of window, three other ranges can be distinguished, ranging from tilt-and-turn windows to pivot windows and the new projecting window. On the other hand, there are also the sliding windows that are especially recommended for lovers of space and light.

Within this type of aluminum windows, sliding in-line windows, sliding lift-and-slide windows, parallel sliding windows and minimalist sliding in-line windows stand out.

Aluminum doors are also quite demanded by users, since they create a unique and secure space that gives personality to the entrance of the house. In the market there are different types of doors, ranging from sliding doors to folding doors or single-panel doors.

Advantages of aluminum windows

Regardless of the geographical and climatic area where the house is located, aluminum windows are an excellent choice when installing a type of window that is resistant to temperature changes and inclement weather.

Aluminum is an ideal material for the manufacture of these objects, since it is very resistant to shocks and hardly flammable, which significantly improves the safety of the house.

Unlike wood, aluminum has a natural protective oxide coating that prevents windows from fading over the years, saving time and money on painting.

In addition, if we compare aluminum with other materials used to manufacture windows we can see how its price is much lower, which has facilitated its expansion to all homes.

And best of all, aluminum is an easily moldable material that can adopt different designs and colors, so users always have the last word when it comes to installing aluminum windows at home.

Advantages of aluminum doors

As with aluminum windows, doors made of this material are ideal for installation in any type of home, regardless of where it is located.

As already mentioned in the previous section, aluminum is characterized by being a very resistant material, so that aluminum doors can last for decades after installation, as long as proper maintenance is performed from time to time.

A maintenance that on the other hand is very simple, since these are hardly damaged and in case of having some problem it will have to do with the area of the closing and will not suppose a great economic expense for the user.

Because in general, the cost of aluminum doors is very low, and the best proof of this can be checked directly on the market where the prices of these are really affordable.

In addition, being such a durable material, aluminum doors that are installed in homes significantly improve the overall security of the house, something that does not happen with the classic wooden doors that are too light and end up breaking over the years.

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