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Tips for modern kitchen design

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where the family gathers while preparing their meals and, in many of them, where they are consumed, enjoyed and shared. The kitchens of the country usually have the dining room right there, or at least a dining room that is more used by the family and the large table for guests.

Having our kitchen made may seem easy: we ask a carpenter to take measurements and make cabinets and drawers, but it is not like that. Each kitchen must be different because each one must respond to the needs, tastes and habits of each family, and in Honduras no two families are the same!

We have already written a blog about the kitchen and its distribution. But in this one we give you some tips that you should take into account when you decide to ask a professional kitchen designer, an interior architect or a carpenter to design and manufacture your kitchen. These are tips that the professional should ask you and that you should also share to have the kitchen of your dreams, the perfect piece for your family, functional and modern.

1. A well-lit space

When designing a house, the spaces are always projected especially for the uses they will have, so the bathroom has adequate ventilation and walls for facilities, the living room is a spacious place and the bedroom should have an area for the closet. The kitchen, then, must have plenty of lighting and good ventilation to function properly.

If it is a remodeling and you are looking for a new place in the house to locate the kitchen, it should have at least one window for lighting and ventilation, and preferably direct sunlight. Lighting is essential to the functioning of a kitchen, and if the style is modern, light lends a great deal of style to any design.

2. A communicated space

To have a modern kitchen it is important to keep it connected with the rest of the house, specifically with the social area: the dining room and the living room.

Enclosed kitchens, separated from the living room, those large rooms that were even entered through doors that always had to be closed, have gone out of fashion. Modern kitchens are shared, shown off and lived in by everyone at home. Avoid walls and doors as much as possible, share the area you have for living room to locate the kitchen, no matter if it is small, a good furniture design can generate enough space to store and cook.

3. Occupy the walls

A kitchen works better if the cabinets occupy the walls, why? Because the walls are already a limiting factor in the space and there are minimum surfaces that must be fulfilled for the transit inside a kitchen. If the space is small and you place furniture separated from the walls, you must consider a transit of at least 90cm between them, plus another 90cm of transit between the furniture.

Placing them on the walls, the center is free for transit, becoming a functional and much wider kitchen.

4. A well-defined style

It is important to define a style when designing your kitchen: we are talking about a modern style. It can be something minimalist, a contemporary style, something industrial modern, industrial rustic, industrial traditional (and the list goes on).

Defining the style will integrate the materials that reinforce it, such as wood, stainless steel, glass, concrete, microcement, granite stone, marble, among others. The colors are also defined by the style: earthy colors for a country style, dark for a contemporary touch, light or white for a minimalist kitchen, blue, green or coral for a rustic industrial style, among many others.

5. Request an intelligent design

What do we mean by smart? That the designer considers the points mentioned above in terms of the space designated for the kitchen:

  • natural lighting
  • artificial lighting
  • space and walls
  • surface
  • natural ventilation
  • existing or planned infrastructure

But you should also consider certain details for the design and manufacture of the kitchen as furniture, such as:

  • standard dimensions or custom dimensions
  • materials suitable for kitchen use
  • durable and healthy surfaces and countertops
  • a safe gas (if used) and water heating system
  • safe and protected corners, handles and surfaces

Can you think of any other tips for a better kitchen?

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