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Trends driven by Covid-19 at home

Home Style

First of all I hope you are well and safe with all that is going on in our country. Now I imagine that you have already experienced in your own experience what it is like to live confined for long periods of time, in a small space or without access to the outside.

This pushes us to reflect on the type of house or dwelling in which you want to spend the most important moments of your life.

So I want to show you trends in design and interior design that are gaining importance, because of the Covid-19 and confinement.

The “Niksen” Home

Niksen is a Dutch concept of doing nothing, and especially to no purpose.

It is a concept of comfort, the idea of living in moderation, or the act of slowly and steadily clearing the house as the years go by.

This Niksen concept is related to “mindfulness and wellness”, recognized as a way to recover from burnout and become more creative in the long run.

Since the forties and with the Work at Home, i.e. the possibility of working from home, the time spent indoors has been extended, forcing us to slow down our daily activities.

As a consequence, sanctuary-like spaces inside our home will also become a trend. The “relax” and reading corners.

Work from home

Due to quarantine, people have been forced to work from home. Although it is already a trend among freelancers, it was not common before the Covid_19 crisis. On the other hand large companies have realized that it is possible and work from home.

And people working remotely can improve their well-being and live a really sustainable option.

I think there is a new boom coming for home workspaces. Real, full-fledged offices but at home. Instead of temporary nooks tucked away in a room now come spaces dedicated to working from home.

Why? Because it is necessary to differentiate your work space from your relax space.

And is that if you spend now working at home you need a space to be really separated from the rest of the house. This to be more productive; for this you will need:

  • Office furniture
  • Good lighting
  • Storage space

Healthier spaces

It is a fact, that since we are with disinfectants, bleach and others, is changing the way we look at cleaning, developing a new interest and sensitivity towards hygiene and disinfection of the home.

This will create new changes in the home. Delegating cleaning also to technology and I give you examples:

  • Air purifiers
  • Air quality control
  • Air and water filtration systems
  • Germ resistant materials
  • Furniture self-cleaning
  • Ultraviolet lamps
  • Dirt repellent fabrics
  • Automatic faucets

Vegetation, plants and outdoors

After a quarantine inside a building, anyone will want to have a small patio or garden, or a small terrace where to spend a nice time outdoors.

The need to include green areas becomes evident, from adding them in the garden or patio itself. How to introduce planters or vertical gardens indoors.

Why? It has been proven that seeing plants greatly reduces stress and improves the quality of life and the air in our home. And why not? start growing vegetables or fruits that you usually eat biofilia is a real trend.

Less is more and local is better

Living with less is possible, we can even go food shopping every 15 days in the most local neighborhood, neighborhood or store, consuming better. And thus develop a stronger sense of community and hopefully a new sensitivity to the environment.

Buying your home decor locally doesn’t sound so crazy now, with the pandemic it is very difficult and more expensive to import product from other countries, we can’t depend on furniture and outdoor decor for our homes because it is not sustainable. So furniture, tables, lamps that are produced in the country will be on the rise by having it close by and at a better price, in an economy that needs to be lifted.

We hope that the crisis does not last long and instead brings many good things for Honduras and for our homes in the long term.

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