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Trends in home decoration

Home Style

In every season, and even more in every year, in the field of interior design, decoration and furniture design, we seek to beautify the home with certain details that will transform it, so decorators and designers both Honduran and international, show every year the trends in decoration that are imposed in order to inspire the beautification of living spaces.

So if you like your home to be the latest in fashion, in today’s article you can learn about the decoration trends of 2020.

The 1960s

The decoration of the 60’s, which is the first trend for this 2020, has a highly defined style and a personality that makes this decoration unique. Currently the vintage style that alludes to the 60s is so fashionable that it is not complicated to find the key elements to achieve sixties atmospheres.

In this sense, the main key elements in the decoration inspired by the 60s are:

  • Retro designs.
  • Geometric shapes.
  • Rounded designs.
  • Arches.
  • Balloons and stripes themes.


This second decorative trend; speed, irrationality and instincts, are the watchwords, so the fragmentation of volumes and lines are constant qualities in furniture and wall decoration, mainly.

This decorative trend of interest that by 2020 will be a boom, manifests itself as a need to leave behind traditional styles, to seek technology and comfort.

Accordingly, the most important elements are:

  • Symmetry.
  • Light objects.
  • Fine decorative pieces.

Oriental style

All those oriental decorations will continue to be very present in interior design and that is very good news.

An example of these decorations is the one known as Wabi Sabi, a way of decorating that invites to take advantage of the beauty of the old and imperfect and recycle and take advantage of elements.

Another trend is Japandi, a decorative style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese styles, both quite minimalist, simple and functional.

Industrial style

For this industrial style comes as a decorative trend of interiors defined by asymmetrical shapes in the environment, both common and more intimate rooms.

Basically, this decorative trend is characterized by the combination of materials such as:

  • Iron.
  • Wood.
  • Aluminum.
  • Recycled plastic.

In terms of decoration, simple lines and the absence of superficial elements are also characteristic of the industrial style.

Which of these trends do you find the most interesting?

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