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How to build your house step by step?


If you are finding out how to build a house step by step, it means that you have reached an important part of your life. It is very likely that you have no experience in this field, and no idea of what are the stages of building a house or remodeling the one you have. But don’t worry, we have the information you need to know what you need.

In aRRquitectos we have the necessary experience to advise you on this subject. You will discover how is the process of building a house from scratch; from the first ideas to the finished work.

Let’s start from scratch

The construction of a house involves two very distinct parts: the period PRIOR to the start of the work and the CONSTRUCTION itself. Each is as important as the other.

A. Preliminary stage.

The first part has nothing to do with the construction itself. Here we make the most important decisions that will condition the success of the work. It is the time we dedicate to imagine and give shape to the project of your future home.

During this time we dedicate ourselves to solve different issues:

  1. The purchase of the land to build (or construction to remodel).

  2. The appointment with aRRquitectos, where we can meet you, listen to your ideas and needs and tell you about our success stories.

  3. Preliminary design stage: preparation of the housing project (plans, renderings, permits and documentation, payment methods and others).

  4. Delivery of signed and stamped printed plans. Delivery of estimates, building permits and other legal documents.

B. Construction stage

The second part is the action. You already have the land or place to remodel; the project is ready and the group of professional builders (We have architects, electrical, mechanical and civil engineers) ready to start the construction of the house.

Not all designs are the same. To know how to build a house, you will have to analyze what system or type of construction you chose. It can be an industrialized house or a traditional brick house, or a remodeling. That is why it is said that the stages of construction of a house will depend on the type of house you are going to build.

Prior to the beginning of the construction: We will deliver and execute the following activities:

  1. Work and disbursement plan detailing the planning of the work, the percentage of cost that each of these activities represent and the dates on which they will be executed.

  2. Work execution contract, which details the work standards, agreements and obligations of both parties.

  3. Preparation and field visit, our team will organize the technical staff, purchase materials and if necessary meet on site for a final inspection.

  4. Execution of the work, according to plan.

C. Guarantees of working with aRRquitectosaRRquitectos

In aRRquitectos we are proud of our quality of work and services provided and therefore our service of execution of works presents the following guarantees:

  1. Bid support guarantee: Once the construction budget is submitted, we guarantee to support the total value of the bid for a period of 30 calendar days for the review of documentation and prior to the signing of the contract.
  2. Price support guarantee: Once the construction contract is signed, we guarantee to support the price of each of the activities presented in the bid during the execution of the work.

The long road to build your own house starts the moment you decide to build it. In any case, the end will always be happy: nothing will match the pleasure of living in YOUR own home.

Are you up for it? Contact us today at our email address arrquitectos@outlook.com

or our telephone numbers (+504) 2213 0418 ó (+504) 9515 4013

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